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November 15, 2010 / Danielle

My (Almost 100% Justified) Shopping List

Today marks T-minus exactly 2 months to shopping shutdown. This snuck up on me a little – time has been blazing past – so I thought it was a great moment to look over the list of items I think I’ll need to pull this wacky project off.

This list breaks down in three different ways:

Actual Wardrobe Staples (aka, how did I get by this long without these?):
– a simple black ballet flat. (I’m thinking splurging on these)
– a dark wash skinny/straight jean. (replicas of my long-lost-loved these)
– a long-sleeved tissue t-shirt in white, gray and brown. (here’s my impulse)
– a fitted tank top in white, gray, and brown. (I’ve worn my white one into the ground – seriously – it has a hole in one side and I still wear it – in public – so clearly it might make sense to have another)
-a blousey tank in white. ( . . . because this one ALSO has a hole in the side. . . . .and I still wear it too.)(Now I’m properly ashamed.)

Next, and importantly, come:

Backups in Case of Disaster:
Spanx (the jersey dress’s friend)
– Undergarments in “nude” tones (because nobody likes to be that girl unintentionally)
– Cashmere socks (because girls living off Lake Michigan can never, ever, ever ever have enough. And if you haven’t treated yourself to a pair yet . . . oh, boy, you’re in for a lovely surprise. And aren’t your feet freezing?)

Now, making this part of the list was heartening, in some ways; after all my “ooooh I love this dress and it’s just TWENTY BUCKS!” spending, it’s gratifying to look at a wishlist that’s entirely, almost justifiably practical (which means, my mother wouldn’t yell at me for buying any of those things.)

But then we come to section three, which is a little less pragmatic;

Things I Think I Will Need To Keep from Going Out Of My Mind Trying to Put Together Outfits Without Wearing Anything New*:
1 or 2 pair of colorful/metallic? flats in a second neutral (burgendy? magenta? blue? yellow? bronze?)
-1 or 2 cardigan sweaters in multicolors/patterns
– tights. (In unnamed quantity. despite having a rainbow already. but WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO THEM?)
– a petticoat. (yes, a petticoat. I’ve seen three girls wearing them on the streets already and they look so cute. And I don’t trust myself to be able to build a good one yet.)(oh, here I go, starting to reveal my frivolous girlitude.)

*yes, this list has been subject to much change. And had a few more items on it, that I may have already picked up  (we’ll get to them soon.)

So part of my planning, for the next two months, is finding the budget to purchase these. (tights in my stocking, please, Santa?)

You also may notice a dearth of black items on this list – I’ll discuss that another time, but suffice it to say, I have plenty of black in my closet.

I will say – as someone who dislikes how much she shops for fun – there is something incredibly useful about a practical list. More on that coming up.

What are your go-to wardrobe staples or styling essentials?  Anything I desperately need that you think I might be missing? What would you need in your closet to get through a year of outfits?


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