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November 26, 2010 / Danielle

The Vital Ten

First of all, happy Thanksgiving, y’all. I’m totally jealous of all of you casually recovering from food comas at home while I putter away in my cold and sunless office.

A like-a-sister-to-me friend of mine (the fabulous Miss Lauren E) recently sent me this article featuring Lucky Magazine’s Slideshow of Ten Classic Pieces.

According to Lucky, we all need these pieces that never go out of style;

1. A bootcut jean.
2. A striped T-shirt
3. An army jacket.
4. A slouchy cardigan.
5. A motorcycle boot.
6. A peacoat.
7. A slipdress.
8. A trenchcoat.
9. A ballet flat.*
10. A plaid button-down shirt.

Aside from a brief panic over the army jacket, I was pleased to realize that I owned all of these things**, in various versions, though all in my own style rather than classic. (My trenchcoat is eggplant Marc by Marc with buttons as big, round and luscious as blackberries – rather than a Burberry-alike clean khaki.) So I heaved a sigh of relief and went back to trying to figure out where I was going to get to the funds for the skinny jeans I covet.

It got me thinking, though; what would go on my list of Ten Classic Items? Aka, what do I own that I couldn’t get dressed without?

Here’s my “how would I get through a week without these” list;

1.  A denim pencil skirt.
2.  Nude patent heels.
3.  A beautifully-colored shirtdress.
4.  A pair of enormous sunglasses. (Better than any makeup for hiding a sleepless night or a hangover.
5.  A cognac leather belt.
6.  Cashmere socks.
7.  A perfectly-fitting black tank top.
8.  Metallic sandals (or)
9. Flat leather boots
10.  A neutral oversized cardigan.

Which, upon looking over, clearly says to me that I’m a sucker for a classic hourglass silhouette and super-feminine details . . . . (cue the girl in the corset top, pouffy skirt, motorcycle boots and polka-dot cardigan, entering stage right.)

What’s your list of Ten Classic Items? What do you think they say about your sense of style?

*their example is from Repetto. Sigh. I’ve coveted those since I first read Vogue at age 14 during my brief (well, never-ended) Audrey Hepburn obsession. (I looked good at fourteen in black gloves and big sunglasses.)

**update to my shopping list to come soon.


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