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December 8, 2010 / Danielle

Status Update.

Hey guys.

Sorry for abandoning you for a week there – some family sadness, some non-stop working, and a million other deadlines seem to be popping up out of nowhere.

Also, to be frank? I’m starting to get a little nervous, peeps.

November was a rough month, emotionally, and I was leaning perhaps (perchance) oh-so-slightly a little too hard on my “shop shop shop” hobby/addiction. . .

And did I naturally, of course, stick solely to buying everything on my “I do genuinely have some real need to purchase all of this list?” Yes, yes well sort of not really at all I got some t-shirts I needed. And a plethora of tights.

And it’s holiday shopping time, and staying out of stores is completely impossible, and it’s been such a tough time, and isn’t this sweater with a polar bear on it absofreakinglutely adorable? (Though its purchase, which I will not confirm, would mark my final descent into hipster trash, following owning a fedora and becoming obsessed with Florence and the Machine.) (also, my recent Jenny-Lewis-bangs.)

But – I have been fighting back. By purchasing presents – and not just for me – and by knitting – which obsessive-compulsive activity not only plays into the holiday season (some of you are getting scarves!) but literally, keeps my idle hands from googling “where can I get a fabulous petticoat” and falling to enormous piles of Etsy-driven debt.

So my apologies for going AWOL – I”ll be back soon with some notes on my necessary purchases, some discussion of the above-mentioned debt, and the start of my “oh god I’m really doing this” countdown – as well as what I just think MAY be my “last new dress” (aka, my b-day gift to myself.)

Stay tuned.


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