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December 12, 2010 / Danielle

A couple of fielded questions

Since I’ve been talkin’ up this project with my social set, a few odds and ends have come up that I thought I’d clarify;

1. So ‘nothing new’ – does this mean you can buy used clothes (aka, thrifting?)

In fact, it does not – it means that every item I put on my body for the 365 days after January 14th must come out of my closet, someone else’s closet, or be a bonafide, non-requested gift.

2. Are you planning to show us the outfits?

Why yes I am! Pending the purchase/tracking down of a relatively cheap digital camera (or finding the knack of taking self-portraits with my iPhone that don’t make me look fuzzy and grouchy) (I think it’s going to having something to do with the lighting?), I’ll be illustrating my journey of mix-mix-remix with a daily set of photos, illustrating my pain and suffering and hopeful creative redemption in my wardrobe. (Be prepared to see a LOT of my two snow-friendly boots. A LOT.)

3. I’ve been thinking of taking a month off of clothes-shopping myself. Wanna do it together?

Umm, I thought you’d never ask.

If you’re considering a clothes-diet too, I want to know – misery loves company/let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah – but I’d love to focus on the growing number of folk who are opting to save their pennies, work with what they have, and challenge themselves to build with what they’ve already got. (That said, I am delighted to still be able to live vicariously through my friends/fashion bloggers who have wonderful, practical grips on their wallets and can enjoy beautiful new things without tumbling into a pit of financial and emotional tragedy. Or, as I once said to my friend Chelsea, “It’s like watching you slide down a barstool after your sixth drink as I wallow in the gutter with my paper bag.”) (Those of you who can shop within reason? I continue to applaud you. I hope to join you one day.)

*Thanks Katie L, Lauren E, and Chelsea M for letting me expound on our discussions.


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