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December 15, 2010 / Danielle

So, I’ve been moseying around the stores . . .

 .  .  doing, oh, you know, just my fair amount of Christmas shopping.


I love Christmas shopping. (Which, as secular as I am, and as much as I believe completely in “Happy Holidays”, I love to say – mostly because it’s a consistant countdown to the actual day, unlike the shifting Solistices and Hanukkuhs) (Fact; my nonreligious family spent several years celebrating Hanukkuh as well as Christmas, as my mother got annoyed with our clinging to Christmas without a shred of Christian spirit (and apparently doing the same to Hanukkuh would make it balanced.))

But I digress.

I love holiday shopping. I start making my Christmas lists in September, and I love picking out/making/ordering gifts and sitting at home watching ice skating on TV and wrapping them on the living room floor.

And of course, in the midst of all this reasonable shopping-for-others, there tends to be just a liiiiittle bit of extra goodies-for-me that fall into the bag.

But like a good girl, all of the majority of some of my purchases have been on the must-get, I-need-them-to-pull-this-off-list.

Let’s take a look.

First off, I picked up two colorful, patterned cardigan sweaters;

talavera cardigan, by sparrow, at anthropologie

green dot cardigan, by Merona, at Target

In a dark hunter green (as I miiiiiiight just already own the mauve.)

Both are light enough weight to work year-round in Chicago, and both will mix and match well with the plethora of items already in my closet; and both pass the “if I wear this by itself with jeans and some cute shoes I will still feel like I have an outfit on” test.

Also – I saw this and it was cheap – and anything that functions as a snuggie while still being something I can wear in public is on my must-get list;

formally layered cardigan, by sleeping on snow, at anthropologie

Next, I picked up some plain ol’ long -sleeved tissue tops;

intimates collection, at Target

brown marled henley, at anthropologie

For just $8 and $12 apiece, respectively.  Simple, boring, practical, wearable – they make me long for 4-inch heels and a feather boa – but I’ve already started wearing them, and if I’d known ages ago how happy a new white T-shirt could make me, I’d have a closetful by now. (So maybe that’s for the best?)

And while I was at anthro, they were having a bunch of new markdowns on legwear, so . . . maybe I went a little nuts and picked up an abundance of tights;

gam games tights, at anthropologie

zipping by tights, at anthropologie

(Maybe I got both the brown and the gray of the first pair. And maybe I’m so enamoured of the second I have already worn them four times. And have seen fit to purchase a backup pair . . . and they are still available on the anthropologie website, bee tee dubs.)

All of which I justify by the truth that Midwestern girls who love dresses and skirts know the value of a drawerful of hosiery.

In the midst of my Target staple-shopping frenzy, I also picked up these cheap little colorful flats;

rosette ballet flats, by xhilaration, at Target

Being as they are a second neutral (thank you Stacy and Clinton) and they do match my new cozy layered sweater . . . and is it just me, or do you guys find that your gorgeous high-quality shoes tend become tragically worn and rubbed so much sooner than your throw-away, badly soled, plastic mass-market flats?
And yet, in a departure from those . . .
I bought myself some spensy black shoes:

basic black ballet flat, by bloch, at bloomingdales. (say that three times fast)

You have to understand – I don’t buy anything full-price. So ponying up the dosh (to be British about it) for these was a bit of a wince, absolutely. But they’re beautifully made with comfortable footbeds and I couldn’t get their simplicity out of my mind – these are definitely blank slate shoes – which was, of course, just what I needed.
And they came in a pink box (!) with a ballet bag (!) and they’re so comfy.
So – that total brings us to;
 Actual Wardrobe Staples
– a simple black ballet flat.
– a dark wash skinny/straight jean.
– a long-sleeved tissue t-shirt in white, gray and brown.
– a fitted tank top in white, gray, and brown.
-a blousey tank in white.
– Spanx
– Undergarments in “nude” tones 
– Cashmere socks
– 1 or 2 pair of colorful/metallic? flats in a second neutral
-1 or 2 cardigan sweaters in multicolors/patterns
– a petticoat.
The List, as it stands. And don’t think I haven’t already made a list of every place I need to visit to pick them up – though I think I’m saving it for my pre-birthday shopping bonanza (more on that to come.)
Do you guys find that you end up picking up goodies for yourself while holiday shopping?  Are they justified purchases or delicious, delicious splurges?
*my apologies for the strange formatting – why won’t it let me fix it? the mysteries of an old computer and wordpress.


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  1. Lauren E / Dec 15 2010 9:26 pm

    That Target cardi is destined to be one of those Best $20 I Ever Spent purchases. I can tell you from personal experience. I have it, too 😉 In fact, sources say you should bring one home to wear for Flamingo Christmas. There’s a pretty good chance we’ll all be seeing spots.

    • Danielle / Dec 15 2010 9:31 pm

      But in hunter green or in mauve?

      of course I don’t have them both the hunter might go with my planned outfit.

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