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January 6, 2011 / Danielle

and I just can’t hide it

Guys! It’s all happening!

What did I find in my mind-morning “finished all of my regular duties and now have a few moments to myself before something else pops up” blog-surf but this:

Sandra Logan is a San Diego silversmith with her own personal weakness for Anthropologie (she’s also an employee) and her own mission to stop the shopping-train. (Although she’s allowing herself to thrift and to shop a limited budget – Sandra, I salute you and your self-control, as I’m so much better at abstinence than moderation.)

I’ve also noticed several of my favorite fashion bloggers moving on the trend to shop less, mix more (see Dea’s beautiful set of posts here and here, for example, or Carol’s and Sara’s sets of budget resolutions.) (Carol and Kathryn’s lovely blog is also where I found Sandra’s in the first place.) 

I know my personal rules are a little extreme (again, better at saying no altogether than the general slippery path of “yes, well, but, also, how about, okay” and suddenly I’ve strayed completely from the clear road), but I’m loving this shift. The whole time I’ve read fashion blogs, and loved them, I’ve felt a slight discomfort with how much they made me crave other things. I’ve said no to myself about many beautiful items only to turn around and see them so wonderfully styled on other people that I ran instantly back to the store to pick them up so that I, too, could play with them.

I feel like we are coming into a new time of less consumption; and that we’re all acknowledging that style doesn’t come from being just-off-the-runway, but from creativity, attention to detail, and the right pieces in your wardrobe, and, of course, your personal expression of just how you feel like presenting yourself today. Kendi (whom I keep mentioning because I do think she’s totally marvelous) over at Kendi Everyday has several great posts in progress on “building a working closet” (here, here, and her brand new one today – which I was thrilled to discover as I clicked over to find the first two – synchronicity, people!), and I’m so excited to spend this year digging through everything I already own, testing its versitility, and making my wardrobe work for me. (to say nothing of how excited I am to rise to the occasion of the ‘just say no’ and see what it does to my greedy little soul.)

What we have is enough*. I’m digging it. And I start in nine days.

* . . . . less a petticoat/nude flats/a couple tank tops? (eight days left to get ‘er done.)


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