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January 7, 2011 / Danielle

the right foundations

In high school, and then in college, my best friend Amanda used to refer to Victoria’s Secret as “Vickies” – “Oh my god, you must head over to Vickie’s, I picked up the BEST stuff at the Semi-Annual Sale” – and that’s always stuck with me. To this day, when I walk into any of the stores,  it’s like visiting her a little bit – she was always a flirt and a charmer, an easy smile and a kind heart, and she would always wholeheartedly approve of a sassy bit of  lace and elastic to put just a touch of spring in your step.

an extremely poor quality photo of some thoroughly excellent dancing


So it was with glee, and a little bit of misty nostalgia, that I headed in to pick up all the necessary ‘foundations’ for my year off.

And I’ll admit – I came out with an almost entirely practical haul – but I definitely threw a couple of lacy little sale pieces in there in honor of Amanda.

True confession; my undergarment-shopping in past years has been often driven by “what’s adorable” and less by “what will make my dresses look best” (and as it turns out, annoyingly, they are frequently different things. ) (And in theatre? you’re gonna need those Spanx and that nude strapless bra that will stay up, no matter what.)(No one wants a wardrobe malfunction during Candida*).

But now, I’m sufficently stocked on boring, versatile foundation tops (in two sizes, in case of weight flunctuation!) as well as entirely functional bottoms (in slimming, hormonal, and “as little as practically possible” options .)

Bridget knows - scary, but necessary.


My corset-fitter great-grandmother would be proud.

So that brings our “must haves”  list to:

  – a simple black ballet flat.
a dark wash skinny/straight jean.
– a long-sleeved tissue t-shirt in white, gray and brown.
– a fitted tank top in white, gray, and brown.
-a blousey tank in white.
Undergarments in “nude” tones 
– Cashmere socks
– 1 or 2 pair of colorful/metallic? flats in a second neutral
-1 or 2 cardigan sweaters in multicolors/patterns
– a petticoat.

I’ve spotted the tanks, the petticoat’s on my radar (and, dress permitting, I’ll have it on the day of my b-day), and I’ve got a tank I’m stalking – now I just have to track down the cashmere socks and we’re in business.

Guys, I’m excited to start. I’m chomping at the bit. Bring it on.

*To be fair, my only serious onstage costume issues (so far) came up in a new play, and they were entirely my fault. But there’s not much worse than playing a passionate , heart-wrenching speech while thinking “oh god please don’t let my boobs fall out” and “Maybe during the blackout I can hike this back up?” the entire time.



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  1. Sandra Logan / Jan 8 2011 6:55 am

    A pre-shopping ban shopping list?! Now why didn’t I think of that?!

    Oh…I know…because I decided on New Years Eve to start on New Years Day 🙂

    That’s OK, I have a $50 budget to work with. No splurges/borrowing/returning/selling to boost my budget, only saving.

    Its getting close!!!

    Oh, I’m having my first giveaway! Check it out!


  2. Danielle / Jan 9 2011 9:45 pm

    Dude, I have nothing but admiration for you doing this on the fly – and thank goodness for your budget, so if you do need a plain white t/replacement sandals/etc, you’ve got a cushion!
    As for me? I snagged my tights twice today and nearly had a heart attack both times. NOT THE TIME FOR RUINED STAPLES!
    (I’ll be traveling with clear polish for the next 372 days.)
    Hurray giveway!

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