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January 12, 2011 / Danielle

all aboard. . .

My friend Chelsea M (playwright, producer, girl-about-town) is joining in the fun by cutting out clothing shopping for a month this year*. This actually predates my resolution, as it falls on her list of 101 things she wants to accomplish (aptly titled, Chelsea Does 101 Things), and she also just added another task to her list, as she recently got engaged! (Congrats again Chelsea and Miles!)

Chelsea’s a heck of a writer and she makes a mean champagne cupcake, and I’m delighted to have her company as we keep our wallets closed and our wardrobes open. (Also, I’m pretty sure if I butter her up she’ll let me borrow some of accessories.)

After all – I’ve got debt to pay off and financial goals to achieve (more on that later), and she’s got to save up for a single faaaaaaaaabulous dress.

Read Chelsea’s post here.

*and, hello, to friends/aquaintances/strangers who found my blog through Chelsea’s – thanks for accompanying me on this thrilling journey through my biggest neurosis. Seriously, though – it’s a little strange having committed to publicly addressing my bad habits – so I appeciate your awesome kindness.


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