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January 17, 2011 / Danielle

Day 2

So you may have noticed that my last post went up at one am Chicago time; no, I’m not still living the wild, exciting, debaucherous life of a birthday socialite (more’s the pity). Instead, I was up yesterday at 5:45 am to get to work*. This, coupled with my accidental early am rise the day before and my roughly 2-am bedtime, made for a relatively immediate crash around 6 pm this evening. (I only just realized I completely missed the Golden Globes. Hang on, I’ll be right back.)

(Hmm, the Social Network, huh?) (And Chris Colfer! I’m going to have to youtube that speech.) (What was NatPort wearing? Does she have a bump yet?)

Annnnnnyway . . . my lust for Hollywood gossip aside . . .

I spent yesterday at my old job, pinch-hitting for my former boss. She’s a photographer who takes some of the best headshots in Chicago, and I was lucky enough to be her assistant for nearly two years before she started spending most of her time in LA. I persuaded her to snap a shot of my outfit today;

anthro blouse and belt, AG jeans, Doc Martens biker boots

Can you tell I was functioning on three hours sleep?  Cause I feel like that’s pretty evident.

So far, being completely busy most hours of the day and so tired that you zonk out for the remaining few? is proving a great strategy to keep me from missing shopping.

Actually – to be entirely honest – so far I’m feeling pretty great about it.

That may just be the sleep deprivation talking, however.

*yeah, I know. EXCELLENT planning, redhead.


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