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January 18, 2011 / Danielle

Day 3 – It Gets Tricky

While I haven’t broken at all (or even craved something specific), today was definitely my first moment of temptation. You see, Anthropologie  does markdowns on Tuesdays, and I’ve always enjoyed Roxy’s Sale Guessing Game posts over at Effortless Anthropologie (one of the must-follow blogs for Anthro-lovers – seriously, this woman is amazing.) So when I clicked over out of habit, I began eagerly scanning the theoretical sale items . . . and then went “Oh. Oh, right. That’s irrelevant then.”

(I’ll admit, I had to close the window right there and then, to not test my self-control any further.)

And yet, so far, so good, here goes, etc etc.

Today I had the good fortune to be headed to a fabulous business engagement after work, and here’s what I wore:

anthropologie chromatic dress, old navy sweater, forever 21 belt, hue tights, my beloved 'dolphin' hunters w/socks

Sorry so fuzzy – I only realized it was not quite perfect once I’d already hit the PJs – but at least documented.

I spent the evening at an actor-agent talkback session with my incredibly awesome agent, Marisa, and her equally amazing assistant, my friend Sam. I’m completely blessed to have someone so passionate and kind working on my behalf – besides which, she won a Snooki look-alike contest at Halloween, so you know she’s pretty rockin’ in general.

I ran into a couple of my professional buddies who are also represented by her (Hey, Lucy, Brett, Jeff, Lydia!) and my friend Lawrence, who gently chastised me – we’ve been shopping together in the past (when he was unattached and needed second opinions on leather jackets and such) and now I have clearly broken our clothing pact. I’m sorry, Lawrence. I promise to still take fake wedding photos with you as a portfolio builder/facebook prank.*

A lovely night, and totally inspiring. Gets me riled up to get my ass in gear and keep workin’ on the business and the art.

Also, I got to test my Hunters on the ice for the first time, and they passed with flying colors. If you live in Chicago, you will never regret buying these – true. effing. story.

*Actual plan that was in the works for a while, when my old boss was considering transitioning into wedding photography. . .


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