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January 18, 2011 / Danielle

Who Feels Like a Remix?

Friends, Romans, Countrymen;

I’ve talked about her before, but in case you still haven’t checked out Ms. Kendi over at Kendi Everyday, just know the following;

1. She’s absolutely hilarious and clever and delightful*.
2. She’s got fantastic style and beautiful photography.
3. She runs a fantastic semi-annual internet-wide community effort to commit to a month-long closet remix (30 Items, 30 Days, accessories excluded.)

I’ve been a huge, huge fan of her blog for a while, and I think her Remixes are bang-on-the-nose fashion challenges, and what one of my college professors would call a “self-expansion project” – which is, of course, basically what I’m doing here as well (only with a much larger closet.)

If you’re thinking of taking a shopping hiatus, Kendi’s Remix might be just what you need to rejuvenate your wallet, recharge your creativity, and remind you just why you love everything you got in the first place.

Here’s the Remix Signup, and more info iffn’ you’re interested.

(I’ll be back later on with my outfit today for today.)

*She also sent me a very lovely email of encouragement when I started this blog, which was enormously kind and very, very appreciated; she’s essentially the classiest lady on the internets.


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