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January 20, 2011 / Danielle

Day 6

Good morning (good mooooorning) y’all. Can I just say it’s really exciting, and lovely, to have you guys along for the ride here? And if those of you who are considering a shopping ban/are already underway (I salute you) want to write about it, please let me know – I’d be more than happy to include your contributions – at the end of the day, it’s pretty amazing that the internet lets us build community like this, isn’t it?

And to be clear – I do love me some fashion blogs – and have nothing but respect for people who can shop and style responsibly – so if I haven’t seen yours or linked to it yet, pass it on! You can reach me at (three guesses and the first two don’t count) theyearofnothingnew (at) gmail (dot) com. (Take that, spambots.)

Onto the clothes. Day 6 – it’s freezing – and of course I wear short boots^ and a fouffy* dress.

anthro burlapp dress, anthro sweater, target tights, macy's boots

And a detail shot of the dress – since it shows up terribly in the first picture:

fouffey skirt. loves it.

Yes, I am dressed up a little bit today – and I can’t tell you why just yet – but trust me, if it pans out, I’ll let you know. (I might also sneak back to post a couple of pictures with a fancier face.) (Also – bleurg – I’m gonna have to find some natural light for photos – this fluorescent is futzing with the color . . .)

Also, you’ll probably be seeing a bunch more of this sweater. I adore mohair – so light and so cozy – and I picked up this one in cream and brown ( . . . and olive green, but then found a hole in the sleeve and was secretly so relieved I had return it because really, redhead?)

And the boots! Are new. I grabbed them on my last day o’shopping – they were crazy cheap, I don’t have chestnut snow-friendly boots ( . . . yes, I had to qualify that, as you will see), and well, there may not be such a thing as too many boots when you live in Chicago. (I’ll digress on that another time.) I’m pretty sure they’ll go out of fashion before the end of my challenge (if they haven’t already), but they’re cute, cheap, and something  I didn’t have in my closet prior – and I can wear them with my fedora and shorts with tights and my homemade “ginny weasley is my homegirl**” t-shirt. and lots of eyeliner. While sitting in Filter in Wicker Park  drinking espresso. And rolling my eyes. At myself.

I’ll be back a little later on with some more fun and possibly to update the picture (I may have a pretty face later on – I know, I know, the intrigue – but trust me, if it works out, I’ll tell you.)

^And yes, Chicago winter is bitter enough that I felt the difference. My shins were freezing.

*Fouffey: frothy/poofy/just a little too large and layered for practicality/super-feminine (with regards to petticoats)/one of my favorite words and features in dresses

**Umm, yes. It’s a Harry Potter reference. And let me tell you, I could have sold those suckers at the seventh book release party.


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