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January 20, 2011 / Danielle

This is a post about Lauren

Have you met my amazing friend Lauren?

yes, I totally stole this from facebook.

Lauren is my fabulous friend-for-ever, whom I’ve known since the 1st grade and with whom I have been thick-as-thieves since we sat 1st and 2nd chair clarinet in junior high. (Or did we? I sort of don’t remember. Lauren quickly ascended and I just as rapidly fell in ignominy, then found the drama department and completely quit caring. But I have a sense that once, she and I were in those seats, if only for a brief time – but time enough to cement our friendship-for-ever-more.)

You’ll be hearing more about Lauren in future, mais oui, but today she gets her own post for several reasons:

1. She sent me some great links about being a moderator or an abstainer  (which you know is one of my new favorite phrases) from the Happiness Project. In fact, the tips suggested here are all ones I totally agree with and have been employing to keep myself positive (coming off a busy birthday weekend, keeping my schedule filled, abstinence and avoiding store websites – all except for number 5, so far, because I’m pretty sure if I replaced the word ‘shopping’ with ‘marshmallows’, I’d just end up craving smores all the time. )

2. (and more excitingly) She just sent me my first mid-project gift!

Thank you, Ms. Laure, for this gorgeous gorgeous handmade necklace:

pretty pretty!

(Which, completely wonderfully, echoes the Urban Outfitters doppelganger I had been kicking myself for not picking up pre-birthday. It’s like she read my mind or something.)

and along with it, a fantastic decorative piece for my desk in honor of the project:

let's be both! hurrah!

Yeah, she’s pretty marvelous. I’m lucky she’s here to stay.

cropped to protect the innocent (who didn't agree to their pictures on the internet) (but we know it's you, Sarah)


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