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January 24, 2011 / Danielle

Day 10

This outfit was another happy coincidence of (forgotten find + new favorite) x specific need. While digging through my drawer to find my t-shirt for yesterday, I came across this knit, which I had totally spaced on owning. (Every time I say that, I get a little more ashamed – yes, yes, yes, I used to have a shopping problem, I’m dealing with it). I have some theatre work to do today, so needed to wear something simple on top that wouldn’t be too distracting – combined with my yellow cord skirt (for whom my love is skyrocketing, and yes, you will see it one more time this week), and my trendy new boots (past-trend? who cares), I was ready for the day:

anthro top, belt, skirt, necklace; rampage boots, hue tights (which are navy, though they look black here)

And here’s a closeup of the necklace (because it is peeeerty):

the goat. charming.

The necklace is one of my favorite little anthro goodies – they’re Zodiac signs – and while I was thrilled to discover that according to Babylonian whatever, I am technically a Sagittarius –  let me tell you, that makes so much more sense (aside from being stubborn, I’ve never been good with money or practical, Capricorn keys marks – and the Sag bio reads like my Myers-Briggs assessment or something) – literally, my first thought was, “awww, man, now I have to track down Sagittarius accessories?”

 .  . . yeah, maybe if my attention to detail and drive could be applied to something like arresting global warming, we’d still have glaciers in twenty-five years. (But if anyone thinks there’s anything Chicagoans won’t do to shorten our winter, you’ll be swimming in the great California sea before too long. )


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