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January 25, 2011 / Danielle

Day 11

It’s been so gray and overcast the past few mornings in Chicago – miserable weather – that getting out of bed has been a real feat. It’s always this time of year that becomes dreary and miserable (February is the worst month – with apologies to my little brother who was born in it) – I’m only lucky I have a fabulous vacation just past it to look forward too (Jamaica! Orlando! Let my dreams of you pull me through this time!)(Yes, I’ll tell you more and more about this when it’s closer.)

All that said, I spent fifteen minutes in front of my closet this morning, comparing dresses and cardigans and skirts . . . and in the end, just reached for comfortable and cozy (god bless you, sweater dresses:)

anthro sweaterdress, necklace & headband, urban tights (birthday tights!) ATLoft cardi, doc marten boots

Yes, that’s my necklace again, and I’m bummed the headband’s barely showing up (though a solution may be on its way – more another time) – I bought it to use in a play I did last summer, and it’s always fun to wear these things that have such direct association to work you did.

I spent last night working on some Shakespeare and some Tom Stoppard with one of the kindest, most intelligent, and most respected people I know in theatre . . . and then spent the rest of the night wandering around my apartment picking up things and putting them down in a haze of text, totally delighted. Is there anything better than creation, guys?

Though it does make getting up in the gray morning and trudging to work a little more difficult.

But it’s okay. I’ve got a cozy dress, a vacation in the future, and the speeches wait for us on the page until we’re ready to come back.

Back later today, perhaps – with a little luck.


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