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January 26, 2011 / Danielle

Day 12

The bad news: I totally overslept my alarm this morning, and woke up ten minutes past the time I should have left for work.

The good news: My office manager is lovely and I made it here only an hour late.

The bad news: My birthday-and-holiday overindulgence means I genuinely am not fitting into most of my clothes.

The good news: I had last night off and spent the entire time cooking up the various groceries I had purchased . . . so I now have healthy food options for the week.

The bad news: I did this while dipping in and out of – no, not the State of the Union – but in fact, a marathon of Teen Mom 2.

The good news:  I’m feeling very secure in my life choices.

The bad news: I finished off the open bottle of bubbly.

The good news:  There was another one!

The bad news:  . . . I opened the second one.

The good news: I’m still have trouble – in a good way – getting dressed in the morning in my overabundant closet.

The bad news: I finally found an item I’m coveting.

anthropologie's amhara skirt. sigh.

I think it’s the intense adoration I’m having for my yellow cord skirt (still available on the anthro website, PS), manifesting itself in a “ooooh for summer, and think of all the colors you could pair it with, and dammit for anthropologie it’s so fricking cheap”). And, umm. I will admit, as I went to the website for this image, there’s a whole other bunch of pretties . . .

Abstinence is hard, but a blanket ‘no’ helps; once I’ve got a handle on it, though, I’m going to have to confront the covetous cause head-on, I think. Omittance, famously, is no quittance.

That said – here’s something I love from my overabundant closet;

anthro dress & belt, target tights, rampage boots, handmade necklace

I’ve found that I often end up picking up items on a whim – or something about which I’m heavily on the fence, for whatever reason – and then they become absolute can’t-live-without-them staples (gold cord skirt, mohair sweater). This dress is one of those pieces. It fits like a dream, it’s comfortable, it’s beautiful, and I adore both the pattern and how fabric drapes and moves. It was one of my go-to fall pieces, and it still feels beautiful and intricate and just a little too much. (perfect.)

And of course – in typical Danielle fashion – after long-time scorning a fashion trend, I’m totally indulging in the short boots. (They make my legs feel sooooooooo long!)

(And the colors look right in real life, I swear.)

If you buy when on the fence like I (used to), do you find that your purchases become vital to your wardrobe, or hang unused and unloved in dusty corners?


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