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January 27, 2011 / Danielle

Day 13

Okay, I’ll be honest with you – I didn’t get much sleep last night, I have an audition today, and generally speaking, between the costume needs of the audition (simple, bright, middle-to-working class) and the lack of time to get dressed, I threw on something comfortable and easy (and I’m not really nuts about it.)

But – this is a warts-and-all project – so, here it is:

anthro skirt and blouse, old navy tights, VS t-shirt, Carlos Santana shoes

Oh, yes, you read that right. I bought these shoes while working at Barneys, to wear with my favorite Diane von Furstenberg dress of the time, which, oh so sadly, was faded by the dry-cleaner (but don’t think I’m not planning a comeback for it, somehow.) Somehow or other, lipstick-red patent flats have become an absolute staple for me – I’ve had them for three years now and I love them dearly and wear them often. And yes, they come from the Carlos Santana shoe line at Macy’s. (And I am so unashamed.) (Also, at the time, I’d wear my hair up in a messy bun with a red headband and paint my lips with Nars Bloodwork  – patent red lips to match patent red shoes. I felt like a fabulous Barbie.)

I was up so late – more excitingly – because my dear friend Molly (hey Mollyface!) got us free tickets to the newest show at Steppenwolf (yes, following on the heels of last week), Sex With Strangers. It’s a new play exploring the world of love and creation in the modern day, complicated by our online and offline personalities, and I think it’s fascinating and brilliant, especially for those of you who blog or who keep a significant online presence. (And it doesn’t hurt that my buddy Steve is in it – and pretty fantastic in it.) It’s rare that to see plays that are talking about the most topical issues of the day – (you know, since they require time and skill to write, and get produced, ‘n all that) – but I walked out feeling totally inspired and intrigued, questioning myself and pondering big ideas. (I’m sure it didn’t help that I so recently started this project . . .)

Anyway, it’s a sharp sexy play, go see it if you’re in Chicago, and then tell me what you think.

Also, Kendi (whom you know I admire) has just finished up her 5-part series on Having a Working Closet – with my new favorite, Remixing – and seriously, she’s got this down brilliantly, check it out.

I’ll be back later on with a bit more commentary, I hope!


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