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January 28, 2011 / Danielle

Day 14

Guys, guys, guys! It’s sunny outside today!

Honestly, I feel like some sort of mole emerging from the underground, finally escaping the constant gray gloom. Molly and I were talking about this on Wednesday – that at this time of year, no matter how much you love walking, you always want to take a cab or a bus or a train; no matter how good you feel working out, or doing chores, or getting things done, there’s a profound inner pull to sit on the couch, turn on mindless entertainment, and eat. It’s as if our bodies have eschewed hibernation, but with a lurking remainder of “conserve your energy and keep away from peril” (by wearing pjs, watching Mrs. Doubtfire, and eating cupcakes, pretzels and string cheese.) (I mean, obviously.)

In honor of the re-emergence of the blue sky, I’m playing around with how and where to take my outfit photos; bear with me as I figure out the best way to do this* (already I’ve a new idea for tomorrow):

anthro top, tulle skirt, hue tights, UO flats

and a closer shot for the detailing on the shirt/skirt

And it was so gorgeous out, and almost above freezing (I know!) that I kicked my boots aside and wore totally foolish flats!

natural light! it's soooooo pretty!

This is another outfit that would have never happened without this challenge. The skirt is a goodie I picked up during one of Tulle’s clearance sales – all of their old merchandise is marked down to just about nothing (Which is how I ended up with a bunch of $4 dresses and $6 coats). It is final sale from there, annoyingly, but it’s always been worth the risk – some of my favorite dresses/jackets, and both my fall and spring coats have come home this way – and I’ve always found someone else who loves the dresses that don’t work for me, and is happy to spot me the $3-to-$7 they cost.

And I never ever ever would have thought to pair it with this top; but there you go. I like it, I’m dressed, and off we go.

I realize I’m practically doing my own little remix here, or perhaps a clothing version of a chain-type game; take one item from yesterday (or this week) and pair it with something new, then take the new item and pair it with something else new, etc etc etc. (To be fair – the only other time I’ve worn this skirt, I threw it on with yesterday’s red blouse. And the headband I’ve worn twice here. I thought I’d better at least be a little more adventurous.) (Also – someone told me yesterday that because of the yellow-gold skirt, some of the guys in the office have begun calling me Snow White.)

In any case, it’s sunny out, I have a red velvet cupcake to eat . . . and an not-so-terribly-far-off beachy vacation .  . . . hmmmmm . . . . yeah, no, I’m gonna eat that cupcake anyway. (Sunshine’s good for slimming down, right?)

*which is, apparently, to reveal to you all my messy room, my awkward “I just finished futzing with my hair” pose, and the paper cut that kept bleeding everywhere until I stuck of a speck of toilet paper on it on route to finding a bandaid . . . but at least my laundry sea was penned in out-of-frame. You know. Small victories.


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