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January 30, 2011 / Danielle

Day 15

Sorry, guys – yesterday was supposed to be a light and simple day – and it morphed into  a four-act play, each requiring a different ensemble (an 8-1 shift at my retail gig, a stopover at the gym, an audition, and then a laundry marathon while catching up on the Office and 30 Rock . . . .(has Tina Fey ever been more brilliant than she is this season?))

By rights, I’m sure I should show you the work clothes, the gym clothes, and the “loungy-laundry” ensemble* – but the only one I snapped a photo of was my audition outfit:

anthro blouse, A.G. Jeans, Hunters

Nine times out of ten, what I wear to auditions has to be sort of vanilla out of necessity; I don’t like showing up in a severe and shapeless black dress – I like this does tell you a bit about my personality – and it’s got an air of character-appropriate – but the more blank-slate the better in these situations.

Which means, on audition days? I’m mostly gonna look kinda boring, guys.

In any case, I’ll be back later today, hopefully with an epic summary of Week 2  . . . . . and another slightly boring ensemble (since I have some theatre stuff to do today. )

I’m sorry. One of these days I’ll get to really layer and accessorize, I promise.  (Now where did I put that vintage sequinned dress…..)

*Rest assured – you’ve seen them all already. No new clothes were purchased in the making of my gym-and-laundry day.


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