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  1. Ally / Sep 22 2011 2:27 am

    I just stumbled upon your blog from another fashion blog…Oh. My. Goodness. I am madly in love with you. I read this post and was struck by how ME it is. I use the exact same logic to add to my overflowing closet…

    I’ve spent the evening reading through your older posts…your struggles, your victories. You’ve inspired me…I need to recreate your one-year challenge in my own closet. I can’t decide…when do I start?!?

    For the record, this post was so great I had to read it aloud to my boyfriend. 🙂

    • Danielle / Sep 23 2011 1:36 am

      Hi Ally! I’m so glad you like it. And yes, ugh, it’s so easy to justify things when we really want them, isn’t it?
      I know this year has been incredible for me in terms of change and I can’t encourage anyone enough to challenge themselves to this or something similar if they feel it’s a good idea for them – you’ll be amazed at your capacity for growth and change . . . . even when you’re not in the mood for it. 🙂

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