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February 1, 2011 / Danielle

Day 18

Snowpocalypse is coming, apparently, and in typical Danielle fashion, I’m still wearing a skirt.

AT Loft jacket, anthro skirt & henley, Target tights, hunter boots/socks

I love this jacket. I bought it for something like $15 bucks three years ago, and I’ve been wearing it off and on ever since. It (and this whole ensemble) speak very much to my desire to constantly dress in 1940s couture; a fitted little waist, an elbow/three-quarter-sleeve, a scoop or v neck and a pouffy skirt are really all I ever need.

In fact – this jacket appears in my favorite series of photos of myself of all time (working for a photographer* had amazing perks, guys):

with borrowed gloves.

And – because I love it – one more:

(thanks Janna.)

Annnnnd – as a counterpart – proof that while charm and costume are all good, a fantastic makeup artist and a brilliant photographer make all the difference in the early morn:

sleepy face. messy room. lovely jacket.

Stay warm, y’all.

*Janna takes headshots in Chicago and LA . . . if you’re interested.


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