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February 3, 2011 / Danielle

Day 20

While I’m hesitant to make a blanket statement, it looks . . .  like . . we may have just survived the Great Blizzard of ’11.

It’s still pretty nuts outside, though – huge piles of snow everywhere – but it’s sunny and the streets are basically clear, though the sidewalks are often reduced to skinny little paths. Essentially, it’s like hiking over the plains to get to work – or possibly, an obstacle course or jungle gym – I kept giggling at having to climb each twisty corner mini-mountain.

I have an audition today, so I was looking for something warm and camera-friendly, and here’s what I’ve got:

VS t-shirt, anthro skirt, anthro cardi, Hue tights, Hunter boots/socks

I hadn’t gotten nearly so much use out of this cardigan as I have since I started this challenge (though my second pair of navy tights has gone AWOL, which is making me nervous.)


This skirt is a key example of why I needed to stop shopping. I saw it on the website, I loved it, I thought, I must have it. I tried it on in person, I wasn’t wild about it, I thought “hmm, it’s not quite right”, I bought it anyway. I went home, it sat in a bag for three weeks, I returned it. Weeks went by. It started showing up on every. single. solitary anthropologie blog that ever there was. I kept thinking “oooooh. Hmmm. ooooh. Well.”

. . . . . and right before Christmas I broke down and picked it up again.

“Party of No-Self-Control, your table is ready?”

I’ll admit, I’m glad I did. It’s pretty, it’s cozy, it’s a nice length, and I’ve already started to find several things to pair it with . . . . plus, Emma Pillsbury wore it in Glee.

And you can’t go wrong with that.

For later, I’ll be wearing this ensemble with heels, rather than snowboots – I’ll try to sneak you a peek!

Stay cozy, people. Enjoy the day off, you lucky lucky folks who still aren’t at work. (Though, the snow might just linger long enough to play in this weekend. Or, alternately, as working happens – I could have (should have) ridden a sled down my back stairs today as I went to take out the trash.)

Oh, and – happy birthday to my little brother, Casey John. 22 years ago you were born, and subsequently doomed to a life  as witness/sidekick to my lunatic antics*. Love you!

*To be fair, I’ve done an admirable job, I think, witnessing/sidekicking his lunatic antics. The boy’s into sky-diving, for goodness sake.

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