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February 4, 2011 / Danielle

Day 21

Just a quick post today – it’s become a sudden “never rains but it pours” week, with four auditions cropping up in the next five days (marvelous, magnificent, I’m delighted, but holy cow does that mean my prep time for each is shortened.)

We still have snow-mountains outside, but each day they get a little more passable. Nonetheless, cozy layers are still in order:

anthro dress and cardigan, Target tights, Doc Martens boots, H&M hat

I’ve had this hat since 2007 – or perhaps since college, I can’t quite remember, to be honest – and as I’ve said before, it’s one of those little items you pick up on a whim that you suddenly find you can’t live without.  I’m not much of a hat girl; I prefer headbands and earmuffs, in general. But I do have a collection of berets to go along with this loyal knit that I still wear all the time and adore beyond measure, 4-or-more years later.  (Part of the goal of this project is to have a closet filled with nothing but wardrobe workhorses like this one.)

And here’s a peek beneath the cardi:

oh, and, Target sash.

Today’s a pink sash day. Just FYI.

Okay, I’m off to prepare copy and sides and monologues and try not to lose my mind…..


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