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February 5, 2011 / Danielle

Day 22

I have to admit – I almost didn’t get dressed today. I’m lucky enough to have to the weekend off (mostly to have prep time for a couple of the big-deal things coming up) and I felt, for the sake of my psychic health, lying around all day finishing up season six of West Wing might not be the worst idea.

However, even my tolerance for indolence might have been reached, what with Wednesday’s snow day, so I shucked my PJs in favor of this:

anthro skirt & sweater, UO tights, J. Crew shirt, Hunter boots

This is one of my favorite dresses (and again, one of the few things I’ve bought full-price). I love its shape, its simplicity and the wonderful flexibility of the dove-gray color. It is, however, tricky to dress in a way that plays up the richness of the shade, which is why I chose to use it instead as a base for this quirky and fabulous sweater.

This was one of my first purchases from Anthropologie; it’s colorful and whimsical and I wore it like crazy after it came home with me two falls ago. I found it while digging through a drawer of tops to get inspired – and wanted to do something different with it (last year I wore it solely with jeans, t-shirts and boots). As we enter week four (approaching the full month one!), I’m gonna have to start getting mix-y and creative.

That said – I’m gonna be summarizing late this week, due to busy-ness but also due to the fact that my laptop has given up the fight. Yes, I typed all of this on my fancy phone. While watching TV and serving as a cat-couch. (it’s Saturday, a girl’s gotta right to a little bit of mental leisure.)

And just for fun, here’s a picture of a little cat who likes snuggling:


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