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February 6, 2011 / Danielle

Day 23

You might be able to tell who I’m rooting for tonight based on my ensemble:

head-to-toe anthro, Hunter boots

This sweater, by Field Flower, was a piece I picked up in a clothing swap I organized with Ms. Chelsea about six months ago. We gathered a bunch of girls, drank wine, and all brought our castoffs; after we’d rifled through and found what we wanted, we bundled everything else up and sent it to the Brown Elephant (Chicago northside’s default Salvation Army.)

And to show my more sporty-side . . .

Let’s face it, I live in Chicago, there’s just no way I could root for the Packers.

(But I am taking Amazingbread to the Superbowl party I’m attending. So let’s call that even, since it’s basically stuffed with cheese. And yes, I do know how to make other things – it’s just, oh my god, this bread, this bread, any excuse possible, I’m making it.)

It’s been a really lovely day; make dough, get some work done, bake dough, watch a little football . . . a perfect February Sunday.

Go Stiiilllers!



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