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February 7, 2011 / Danielle

Day 24

Today I felt the intense need to force a little spring into my outfit:

anthro skirt and shirt, VS top, Hue tights, Hunter boots

It’s just been so cold and wet for such a long time, people. I’m sick of it.

February always sneaks up on me in Chicago. It’s the gloomiest, grayest month of the year, and it can be realy hard to shake the seasonal-affectiveness-disorder feeling of your only daylight being muted and overcast. . . . and it’s so close to getting springlike (which, to be fair, doesn’t actually happen until May, but it feels so tantilizingly close in March and April), but you have this whole entire month to get through, and  . . . . blah. 

Hence, today, I’m evoking an Easter egg.

Also – I spent last night in the company of some of my favorite Chicago ladies – and it is the only way to spend the night after a well-fought battle falling short of victory. (Noble in defeat, Steelers. To a new season.)

And Lavina – yes. I. will. put. on. pants. And I will shuck these snowboots once the three-foot snow drifts go away. We can’t all have your beautiful, unbelievably well-priced cognac flat boots. (Sigh. Unfortunately.)


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