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February 8, 2011 / Danielle

Day 25

Quicky post today;

Target shirt, Anthro dress, (unseen) Hue tights/Hunter boots (of course)

 I coveted this dress full-price, was broke when it went on sale, and finally found it dangling and damaged on the sale rack for $20. I took it home, stitched up the tear, and sighed that it’s missing its sash (but for $20, who cares).

It’s a difficult dress to wear, though, because it is so colorful and splashy – it defies layering and winter-wear. But I figured I’d better start delving deep into my wardrobe and working through more than just my seperates, or my year-end closet clean-out is going to get rid of a great many items I could still wear and love.

On a lovely note, though – I wanted some other accessory to bring out the shades in this dress, and was lamenting that I didn’t think I had anything subtle enough to compliment it while still the right shades of color – and then, miraculously, found these goodies I’d picked up on sale and (again, goodness) let skip my mind:

Little, complimentary, pretty but not overwhelming; my closet is offering up solutions to problems all over the place. (In Before-Closet-Shutdown, I totally would have gone out at lunch and bought new earrings without even considering these.)

Have a lovely day, awesome folk. I promise to be back more regularly soon.


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