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February 9, 2011 / Danielle

Day 26

One more quickie post from the height of busy-ness:

anthro dress, jacket, tights, UO shoes

Today was all about cozy comfort and expediency, as the temperatures are plummetting once more . I bought this sweater dress for super cheap; it’s a color I don’t have much of, it’s flattering and it’s comfortable. However, I like it best when worn solo  . . .  and being a sweater dress, there’s not much opportunity for bare arms. (Genius, redhead. Genius.)

messy room. sleepy face. surprisingly self-pleasing ensemble.

I have to tell you, I know I haven’t worn it much, but I am super-in-love with this jacket. It feels gorgeous on, and I love what it does for my shape, and it’s one of those pieces I can see going from each stage of my life with versatility. And yes, these are the tights I loved so much I bought a backup pair:

zipping-by-tights, Urban Outfitters heels

Okay, I’ll come clean; I shucked these shoes in two minutes in favor of my snowboots. But they look so lovely, don’t they? They’re an outright steal from Kendi’s infamous red heels . . . . and maybe I grabbed them in cognac because of my little pre-shop-I-must-have-chestnut-options spree.

And woof – based on these pictures – I’m overdue to tidy the room. It’ll happen dudes! This week is crazy!


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