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February 10, 2011 / Danielle

Day 27

At last, at last! I can return to my regularly scheduled life, with apologies for the mysterious vanishing. There’s a lot to juggle sometimes.

I woke up today and it was negative 5 degrees. Somehow this just seems completely unreasonable; haven’t we suffered enough*? At any rate, I had mad plans to wear my birthday-present-dress  (as seen on Tuesday’s Glee – Quinn and Rachel always seem to wear my favorite clothes) as a treat for surviving the epic busy time, but the idea of hunting up tights and figuring out which jacket to match just seemed overwhelming on a day when I couldn’t bring myself to get out of my bed (it’s chilly beyond those covers.)

So I ended up in some simple knits and jeans and a big ole cozy sweater;

Joe's Jeans, anthro knit, target shirt, ever-present Hunters (it's February in Chicago, people!)

These are my Joe’s Rockers; I bought them secondhand at a Buffalo Exchange because they fit well and they’d been perfectly hemmed to my height. Joe’s and A.G became my favorite denim brands when I was the specialist at Bloomies. They last ages, they’re super-comfy, and they have great cuts that flatter just about everyone.

Also, I seriously would never have thought to wear this top again if it weren’t for the Great Closet Closure. Now, it’s become one of my top-tier pieces for mixing/matching.  Of course, it’s too freezing to wear just that, so I topped it off with my favorite Not-Technically-A-Snuggie;

it's soooo cold. which makes me soooo grumpy.

I love this sweater more and more. It’s so snuggly, it’s versatile, and the colors are wonderful for mixing.

Now that my life has settled – somewhat! – I’ll hopefully be back in a little bit with some summarizing, etc, basically filling y’alls in on what’s been going on in my head as I approach the end of the first month of no-shoppin’.

*One of my favorite Cubs quotes ever was a commentator who said “Chicago, where the phrase “Haven’t we suffered enough?” has no meaning.


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