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February 11, 2011 / Danielle

Day 28

Okay, guys, it finally happened; I had that day in front of the closet where I had absolutely nothing to wear.

We know this is ludicrous. We know I have plenty (beyond plenty, above plenty) of fun clothing options in my enormous wardrobe. But I swear to you, I stood in front of the mirror for ages, futzing with everything, growing later and later for work, getting whiny and fussy in the manner of my cat as she prowled back and forth mewing discontentedly (the timing of our mutual breakfast being dependent on my actually finding clothes to put on.)

I grabbed a dress I’d not yet worn; too short and loud for work. I tried on one of my old favorites; pulling around the middle. I futzed with a bunch of cardigans and I just felt drab. No matter what I grabbed, I felt the wrong shape, or the wrong season, or uncomfortable/unwilling/frumpy/what have you.

After all that build-up, I”m still not entirely happy with what I came up with . . . . but none the less, here it is:

VS knit, anthro tunic, AG jeans, Carlos Santana (oh yes!) flats

It does seem pretty anti-climatic after all that.

I do love this tunic. It was one of those things you notice and like but never really get around to buying or craving . . . .and then it suddenly shows up in the sale rack for super cheap in your size and you think, really, why not, what’s another $20 in the grand scheme of things? (Except it’s $22, in Chicago, with tax . . . .and responsible for the vast majority of what ought to have been my savings account . . . .moving on).

oh, and, anthro red poppy. with the ponytail.

I’m going to go ahead and blame my first giant “What to wear?!?!” freakout on a couple of things:

1. Hormones
2. Getting not enough sleep last night
3. Red wine (one glass goes straight to my brain, and last night I had two – though it occurred to me in the shower that Red Wine Hangover is totally a great name for a band)
4. The vicious bitter cold (I am sick of my sweaters, but really, options are limited, aren’t they?)(Also, Danielle, you fool, you haven’t even worn them all yet – get it together and start being more creative or get rid of them)
5. (and most important) Planning. I’ve never been the girl who puts together a week’s worth of clothes – I always end up getting bored on day two, switching things out and then abandoning it entirely by day five in favor of something completely different and frequently inappropriate to the weather – but most nights this week, as I fall asleep, I try to pick out the one item I want to work around the next day, be it a skirt, or a dress, or a pair of shoes, or maybe I just really want to wear that belt or that particular color or silhouette. Today I woke up without a thought in my head other than “Urgh” and “Red wine is clearly a mistake”.

I think this goes back to the “having too big a closet is exhausting” problem. Which we’ll come back to, I swear.

Anyway, it’s been four weeks before I ran out of clothes. (In a psychological way.) Not bad, redhead. 48 to go.


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