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February 14, 2011 / Danielle

Day 30

Today is gorgeous in Chicago!! At noonish I checked the temperature on my phone and it was a mind-boggling 47 degrees. Total, total bliss – sunshine, cool breezes, and I was completely at home in my puffy coat unzipped and naked ears and neck defiantly delighted.

anthro dress, Old Navy sweater, Hue tights, Hunters (as ever) (but I needed them desperately for melting snow puddles)

I was planning to rewear yesterday’s dress, alternately styled, but I reviewed today’s itinerary and decided I was better off being comfortable and relaxed (brunch in Pilsen, coffee in Ravenswood, dinner in Lincoln Square, and some cooking/cleaning/life-catch-up in between – lots of social time with some of my favorite ladies, but plenty of being on the go.)

reed shirtdress in red plaid, also known as "sometimes this skirt feels like a circus tent"

This dress was crazy-popular at anthropologie and on the anthro blogs last year – I actually coveted the blue-gray (and part of me would still like it v. much, being a redhead and all) but I think the red plaid actually ended up being better for my closet. I have little else like it, and certainly little red – and it is a more vibrant and dynamic contrast, I think, than the blue and green plaid would be. It’s also made of an incredibly soft and durable washed cotton, which I love, and functionally buttoned, so you can wear it layered in several different ways, should you so choose.

And it has pockets. Who doesn’t love pockets?

It feels like another wardrobe piece that I’ll be able to wear through the different ages of my life; practical, nicely-shaped, and just so slightly different from the mainstream that I still feel pretty and expressively myself whenever I wear it.

Here’s my favorite picture of me in this dress:

this dress loves redwoods.

It was just so perfect for Humboldt County.

Back tomorrow with my first-month-celebration outfit, some fabulous V-day plans, and perhaps a surprise. Woo.


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