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February 16, 2011 / Danielle

Day 33

The snows are melting in Chicago, the temperatures are beginning to climb (another high above forty today! Hurrah!), and pretty soon I’m going to have to start to figure out how to dress for spring. (Less boots, more flats? less sweaters, more long-sleeved ts? My velvet dresses are already going to have to go to the back of the closet to await next November/December.)

Here’s my first attempt at a transition ensemble:

H&M scarf, Target top, anthro skirt, Old Navy tights, UO flats

Somehow that didn’t seem quite right, so I switched out the accessory, and suddenly, yes, that’s better:

Forever 21 necklace; much improved.

My clothes are scattered all over my room at this point: heaped over two chairs and messily stacked on my shoe-unit, as well as neatly folded in bags of laundry I have yet to put away . . .  and I think that’s contributing to my total inability to dress myself at present.


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