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February 17, 2011 / Danielle

Day 34

It’s beginning to look a lot like springtime – it’s a high of 57 (!!) today in Chi-town, and it’s super super heavenly.

My delight with the transition is manifesting itself in NO MORE BOOTS (I told you I’d kick the hunters when the snow was gone – and gone it is, replaced by massive puddles that are only now beginning to vanish).

Also, I figured I might as well embrace a springtime bird print:

Old Navy sweater, anthro chemise, Target tights, UO flats, anthro earrings

I bought this chemise when I had my bangs cut (in my effort to emulate Jenny Lewis in all possible fashions.)  (Also, this weather is wrecking havoc with my hair – it’s so susceptible to seasonal change, and I always have to re-learn how to style it. ) It’s adorable and light and I love love love the print, and no one needs to know that technically, it’s a nightgown. Right? (This would not be the first time I’ve wore nightwear-as-clothing . . . )

seriously. I had just blow-dried it. what are you doing to me, tresses?

It’s been a busy busy couple of days, guys – I hooked a last-minute girl-powwow at the violet hour last night (no-wait-Wednesday!), and tonight I’ve got plans for margaritas. Which means I’m looking at Sunday to unpile my vast clothing mountains . . . it’s gonna be a hectic couple of days, but I do feel like (with the change in season hopefully imminent) I’ve got a bit of a second wind on my clothes. At least I’ll be able to start playing with lighter layers and with the more cotton-y skirts?


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