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February 18, 2011 / Danielle

Day 35

Oh, sweet Friday, thank God you’ve arrived.

It’s been an accidentally busy week – between the two jobs, the plays, the hangouts (last night’s margarita may have stretched into the wee hours) – and it’s not really over yet (lots of working to do this weekend.)

I got up in this morning in a lack-of-sleep-and-wealth-of-tequila haze, grabbed randomly at a couple of skirts, and then gave up the fight and threw on this:

AT Loft cardigan, F21 necklace, anthro shirt, Joe's Jeans, UO flats

I bought this top at anthro two years ago on super-sale – I fell so in love with the texture of the silk and the fantastic colors that I didn’t care that they only had a large. I’ve worn it with thick tights as a sort of muumuu-dress before, but today was for comfort, and it’s such a great top for when I feel exhausted and wiped but not quite defeated enough to reach for a sweatshirt (just yet).

Friday! sleepy! Friday!

In fact, this outfit’s made up of useful pieces (cardi, flats, jeans)/pieces that delight me when I wear them(F21 necklace, top).  I live in fear of the demise of this necklace – it’s not the best construction, but I love love love the drape of it.

Okay, darlings, off to accomplish something with my day (…….perhaps beginning with killing the rest of last night’s burrito. The natural way to recover from tequila-haze……yes?)


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