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February 21, 2011 / Danielle

Day 36

Darlings! So sorry for the delay in posting – between the finicky laptop and the unbelievably busy time, it’s been a challenge – but here’s what I wore this Saturday:

anthro dress, belt, cardi, UO tights, Doc Martens boots

I knew I’d be on my feet all day at my retail job, so comfort was paramount – and while it isn’t quite spring yet, I’m certainly trying to will it into existence with soft colors and bare arms (it’s been thus unsuccessful . . . )

I bought this belt for cheapy-cheap, and I thought it was too adorable – but I’ve had trouble wearing it. (Apparently I have less call for sky-blue-polka-dots than I thought?)(The life I lead is not the life I think I lead.)

yes, that's a teeny-tiny flower in my hair. spring, I tell you. spring!

I felt cute yesterday but today, I’m not so sure I’m loving this ensemble.

One of the tricks to this project seems to be that I’m seeing my sartorial life flash before my eyes; I feel like I’m figuring out what is and isn’t my own personal style. I’m also trying to pull out the pieces of my closet that I loved initially that haven’t seen much light since – and figure out why. Part of my goal in a few weeks is to start working with the stack of clothes I’ve made that are pieces I adore that have yet to make the rounds – and figure out if they’re workable, wearable wardrobe necessities, or if they’re basically things I think are beautiful, but not for me. (What’s the point in a pretty dress if you can’t figure out how to wear it more than once?*)

But I digress. I’ll write up a recap of week five shortly.

*there was a time when once would have been enough. Sigh. Everyone knows, it sucks to grow up.


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