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February 21, 2011 / Danielle

Day 37

In which Danielle has an early brunch and just felt like digging out pretty things on a rainy Sunday:

anthro dress/shrug/tights, Bloch flats

This shrug is one of those things I really didn’t need and shouldn’t have bought* – but since I fell for it, I’m glad I did. It’s simple and pretty, and somehow feels very different from a fitted cardi or a big wrap – just the thing for a morning that promised to be practically Parisian in its atmospheric cool rain.

swan shrug, birthday dress, eggs and toast and ballet flats: parfait.

Tragically, the promising May-like rain didn’t hold (it turned into fairly brutal March-ish sleet – but still better than Snowpocalypse II) and I spent the rest of the day in pajamas getting things done (having opted out of the deluxe mimosa for the sake of not wasting the entire day.)

Also, the Bloch flats were not happy to make their Chicago debut in the rain. (My apologies, Blochs).

I am off for a very exciting adventure tomorrow (today!) – and am hoping to be able to include you in it – but forgive me if I’m gone a while, I’ll be back, I swear (and I promise I won’t shop in the interim. Pinky swear. Cross my heart and all.)

*the list is numbering in . . . well, a generous quantity.


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