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February 25, 2011 / Danielle

Days 39, 40, and 41


I am still abroad (such a glorious word), but have managed to finagle the lazy laptop/nonfunctional phone/roaming wireless to catch you up on just what this girl wears in tropical paradise. (What she’s been doing is another story – but let’s just say, naps on the beach, lots of reading, swimming with dolphins, and endless rounds of the all-included pina coladas . . . . )

And yes, everything was in the closet – some of it that I had been dying to wear since its purchase in late August, September, December (most of it acquired on the cheap) – and I’m happy to share it with you now:

Day 38 is pending retrieving documentation, but here’s starting Tuesday.

anthro dress, DSW sandals, Topshop orchid (hair)

This is a sale find and I love it – I tried it on in Chicago in the dead of cold and it clung to me with static – somehow, in humid Jamaica, it doesn’t seem to be a problem, hurrah! It’s one of my faaaaavorite colors, too.

UO dress, DSW sandals (and how much do I love outfits of the day made up of only two visible parts? Lots.)(come on spring.)

This dress was a birthday present from my old boss (hey Janna!), and it’s traveled with me to several beaches so far (making appearances in Greece and so forth.) (Also, Britney wears it in yellow in the Vitamin D episode of Glee. . . .)

anthro dress & sandals

Today! You’ve seen this dress, but it’s kind of a joy to get to wear it solo without a million layers. Also, you can tell I’ve basically given up on the hair at this point . . . . it’s Jamaica. There’s sand in my sheets. And I couldn’t be happier.

Coming home soon!

beautiful beach. and those two heads? atop my best ladies from back home. (life's good.)


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