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February 27, 2011 / Danielle

Days 42 and 43

Wow, guys, we’re getting up there in numbers . . .

I’m writing you now from Florida, where I’ve arrived since leaving my gorgeous ladies and Montego Bay. My little brother (shout-out Casey John) and I are grabbing a whirlwind 24 hours to do some quick adventuring (more about that tomorrow), and we’re settled into our hotel with Corona, Five Guys, and – oh yes – Space Jam on Cartoon Network.

In any event, here’s what I wore for my final day in Jamaicay:

Joie dress, DSW sandals ( audrey brooke), VS bikini, VS sunglasses

This dress is actually one of my first make-do-or-do-without items of this project; I bought it three years ago for a trip to Miami, and it was originally white. I wore it in the ground for a summer, and like most well-worn-white, it got a little gross, and attempts to bleach it were perhaps overzealous (which resulted in yellowed hems.)

I still love it, and rather than throw it out, I thought I’d try my hand at dying it – and though it’s imperfect, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. (I’ll include a to-do and a before and after for you soon).

Today was all about traveling (and the longest security line I have ever seen – spanning the entire airport AND back again), so I’m dressed for warm weather (huzzah!) and comfort:

UO t-shirt, Gap skirt, Rampage boots

I love this T. I love warm weather. I miss my 2 pm pina colada, but this Corona will do.

Checkin’ in tomorrow with more adventures!


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