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February 28, 2011 / Danielle

Day 44

Oh man. Today, as an end to my vaca, was the busiest, craziest time – and full of delight.

For today, my friends, my brother and I went to . . .

. . . oh yes . . .


Yes,I’m a huge dork, and I’ve loved Harry Potter since I started reading them fifteen years ago (oh man. Has it really been so long? I think it has.)

We spent an embarrassing amount of  time traipsing the park, enjoying the rides (twice apiece (and both dragons woo!)) and browsing the store, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t nearly break down and buy a Ravenclaw tie (and suddenly, ties seem incredibly attractive and I’m gonna need to borrow one from one of my male buddies to play around with it, I think.) But I didn’t, and my generous brother bought me a Ravenclaw pin so I wouldn’t be completely without (and yes, I’m enough of a geek to  know I’d belong in that house . . . . )

So what did I wear?

Well, my Harry Potter T-shirt of course:

Gap skirt, audrey brooke sandals, Strange Cargo t-shirt, anthro sunglasses, coach wristlet

I had this made at Strange Cargo in Wrigleyville; and yes, it does say “Ginny Weasley is my homegirl”.

Anyway, forgive me the boring clothes this weekend – it’s been practicality (and yes, super comfy, hurrah) all the way – but by tomorrow night I’ll be home to my closet and we’ll get some good springwear cooking.

And hey – I didn’t buy a tie – and I didn’t buy this:


. . . .as much as I wanted to.

See you soon, Chicago!


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