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March 1, 2011 / Danielle

Day 46

Before I left on my little jaunt, I tidied up my room (nothing worse than coming home to a total disaster). As I put away my clothes, I started making a separate pile for items I loved but hadn’t yet worn, or hadn’t been wearing enough; things that I needed to see if I could work into my regular wardrobe rotation enough to justify making them part of my working closet.

I’m really glad I did this (high five, past me!) because it instantly gave me a fun and creative jumping-off point for my return to Chicago winter* (no time to focus on the blahs, let’s go play with these clothes!)

anthro cardigan, anthro dress, charlotte russe tights, rampage boots

This little red corset dress was one of my first anthropologie buys ever; I got it on super sale and tried it on solely on a whim, and found I loved it. I’m not usually a fan of tomato red, nor of corduroy, but I love that it’s cut in a very fitted and flattering shape. (Again, typical anthropologie juxtaposition, a party-dress silhouette with a practical fabric – just a little attention to detail that makes it such a special dress to me.)

loves it.

I will say, it’s a little short for work, and it’s a tricky color to work with – but I think it’s earned its place in my keeper pile. I also have a film audition today, and the boldness of the color mixed with the  simplicity of the cut will (I think)  look great on camera . . . .

gray-blue tights, miniboots!

I had seriously given up on finding tights to replace my beautiful slate-blue-gray Target ones (that were such a perfect, unexpected neutral, and which are practically torn to ribbons) when I stumbled on these two days before I stopped shopping. They’re not quite right (not enough blue? something’s off), but they’re proved a decent solution, and as soon as this year’s over I’m going to go on a hunt for the right shade (but they’ll work until then.) (Also, a Ravenclaw tie. Rockin’).

In any case, you’ll be seeing a lot more of some new pieces in the future – time for me to get mixing, folks – and to start really narrowing down what I wear in my closet. (Perhaps a giant blog sale when it’s all over to find good homes for the unbeloved in my closet?)

*but it’s March! Soooooo close to spring!


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