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March 2, 2011 / Danielle

Day 47

Y’all, I had the worst time geting dressed this morning, and I’m going to blame it all on this transitional weather. Coming back from vacation, I’m loathe to put on tights again. But it’s still just this side of too chilly for bare legs, and so I put on a top, found a skirt, and then literally cycled through my entire drawer of options before calling it quits and shucking the ensemble for a warmer day.

I did manage to pull something off of my “I love this and I ought to wear it more” pile”:

VS t, anthro skirt and cardigan, hue tights, UO flats

I bought this sweater for super-cheap, and I’ve always loved its Emma-Pilsbury-feel – prim and ladylike and preppy – so I threw it on with the quintessential Emma skirt and threw in the towel on the tights (they’re knit, they’re Hue, they’re polka-dot, whatever, it’s fine.)

Spring, I long for thee! I itch for bare legs and flats and little sweaters and pastel colors. It’s so time.

(If I eat these Easter Cadbury mini-eggs, that’ll bring it closer, right? This makes total sense to me.)


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