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March 3, 2011 / Danielle

Day 48

And we’ve almost made six weeks, goodness gracious.

Today I pulled another piece out of my “I-love-this-I-need-to-wear-it” pile; you’ve seen this blouse just once before (on Day 2) (but of course, the skirt’s gotten a workout:)

anthro blouse & skirt, Ann Taylor belt, Charlotte Russe tights, katie & kelly boots (DSW)

I love it (the blouse) but it’s a bit shapeless, so it requires the right attentions to styling . . . though perhaps, in my post-vaca chub, I found the shapelessness a little comforting. . . .

and super-curly hair.

These boots are an oldie-but-a-goodie; I bought them for a 2008 trip to New York (to see a friend in Mamma Mia! and Daniel Radcliffe in Equus). They’ve always made me think of Sloane from Ferris Bueller – slouchy white leather is classic, right? Right?

They may be, sadly, on their last legs (and so they don’t come out when there’s snow, which is why you’ve not yet seen them), but I’m hoping that gentle love will keep them alive at least through next January.

Today’s my third audition in as many days back from vaca (plus work, plus, you know, life-stuff – I only started unpacking my suitcase this morning) – but this one’s gonna be so special, I’m gonna post again today just for you guys. Just you wait.


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