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March 5, 2011 / Danielle

Day 49 (and some big game-changing news)

Hey lovely people!

So as it happens, it’s for the best that I couldn’t post until tonight (incredibly busy day at work), because I have some news that’s gonna change this beast for good.

So let’s get the outfit out of the way:

anthro dress and sweater, Rampage boots, Charlotte Russe tights (yes, I can't get enough of them)


You’ve seen all of this before, and normally I’d button the sweater, but today was almost pleasant (read: almost) in Chicago in spite of the rain. And yes, I’m obsessed with these tights.

But that’s gonna change, because . . . .

Remember way back a month ago when I was mysteriously super busy for a few days?

What I didn’t tell you then, out of superstition and common sense (we actors get really used to having big deal opportunities and them not panning out) (and we all have out little quirks about coping with them), is that I was auditioning for some theatre graduate programs . . .

and I just found out today that I got in.

So this September, I’ll be moving to San Diego to spend two years in an intensive classical-theatre-training program at the Old Globe with six other people from across the country.

It’s amazing. It’s unbelievably exciting, and I’m thrilled, and I can’t imagine leaving Chicago, where I’ve lived for eight years, especially for San Diego – California! – the weather! The sunlight! And all-day every-day theatre! GAH!

What am I going to do with my tights? And boots, and everything???

I’m all atwitter. And I’ve plenty of time to figure it out, of course; and this is an amazing new adventure, I’m thrilled to be part of it, and I’m confident that my kickass talented Chicago compatriots will carry the banner far beyond my capabilities in my absence and I will only be more delighted to rejoin them with sharpened talents . . . .

but anyway, back to this glass of champagne, calling all my friends, and contemplating the future (while telling the cat “we’re moving to California! can you believe it?”)


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