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March 7, 2011 / Danielle

Day 50

So sorry for the delayed postings, y’all. I’d like to say that I spent the entire weekend in a celebratory booze-fueled haze, but sadly, the truth is much closer to the fact that my laptop finally gave up the fight. ( . . . which means we don’t need to talk about how much booze I might have consumed this weekend. In a celebratory haze.)

Saturday, I had to shake off my (petite) hangover and work at my retail job:

anthro dress & blouse, Rampage boots

If I’d seen the maxi-skirt trend coming, I’d have stocked up (or would I? It’s honestly not really my style.) As I didn’t, I’m making do by layering this fabulous beach dress (I love it I love itIloveit) – and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

specs and anthro earrings, hurrahs

This blouse was a super-cheap must-have-been-returned goodie – I wasn’t sure if I’d wear it enough to justify it, but I’m so glad I bought it – the cut feels original and flattering, and far enough away from traditional menswear shapes that I don’t feel like a bank teller.

The earrings were just my personal Mad-Men-type homage – I wanted a little bling to go with the up-braids.

(And don’t worry – I left early and used the work steamer to smooth out all those wrinkles. Must-have moving list: a steamer? Totally, right?)


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