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March 7, 2011 / Danielle

Day 51

Guys it’s been fifty days! It boggles my mind.

Today’s outfit began as me trying to pair up this green cardigan with m beloved workhorse Snow White skirt – but no matter how I futzed and  draped, tucked or unbuttoned, I couldn’t find an ensemble that didn’t look overly like a Green Bay Packers cheerleader from the 1940s.

After I rejected the cardigan in frustration, I figured; why not swap it out for my other “must have” colorful cardi?

VS t-shirt, Anthro cardi & skirt, Target tights, Marc Jacobs boots

And this, I was much happier with.

not-exactly-still-hungover-but-really-looking-forward-to-brunch face

The boots are one of my favorite favorites. I bought them two years ago at Macy’s on ridiculous sale (I think 80% off?)? I love Marc by Marc, but so often his clothes are both extremely pricey, and cut for girls without curves; these boots are soft, buttery Italian leather, and prior to wearing them I used to open the shoebox just to smell the scent. (Not since they’ve been worn in, guys.) (I use to ride horses – the smell of leather is delicious.)

peacock tights and MBM boots. (and yes, those are my mukluk slippers.)

I honestly don’t know what I’ll do when they fall apart (and they’ve already accumulated several scratches that made me sigh and worry) – they’re such a great color, and beautifully made, as well as being a fantastic transition boot for the no-snow-but-god-it’s-still-stupid-cold-out Chicago spring and fall. ( . . . perfect for San Diego? Huz. zah!)


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