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March 9, 2011 / Danielle

Day 54

Today, apparently, is supposed to be a Rainmaggedon (what is with Chicago weather this year? Are you trying to run me out of town?), so despite yesterday’s bold pronouncement, I’m back in boots:

AT Loft shirt, UO dress, H&M tights, Hunter boots

This little dress is one of my favorites; I picked it up for next to nothing over Christmas and it was the perfect dress to wear over the holidays (with its subtle red-and-green windowpane pattern.) (Also, with its empire waist, keeping the size of my food-baby a total secret. )

annnnnd the angle shows you none of the cute detailing of the sleeves. (early morning picture-taking fail, redhead.)

Usually I wear it solo, with a big ole cardigan, but today is  just chilly enough to require a wee bit more coverage (without warranting many layers).  I wasn’t sure this would work, but there’s something that sort of charmed me about the milkmaiden-type gathered bust and the off-center bow. (Though upon review, I could have used a slip .  . . see-through skirt fail, too. Sigh.)

And now, aside from last week’s summary, we’re caught up! Huzzah! This week has been very overwhelming, mostly because of trying to get a grip on the impending move (five months away, but planning’s the only way to keep myself sane) and not having a home computer; free time at work has been completely swamped with googling San Diego housing options, scholarships to help pay for everything, and, of course, “where can I buy a safe convertible for $2000?”*)

*Not actual proposed car budget. But I’m moving to California, I’m practically dying for a convertible. Just once in my life, guys!


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