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March 11, 2011 / Danielle

Day 56

So as we work our way through my stack of “I love these why am I not wearing these” items, I’m noticing that it’s mostly a fit trend; that anything I’ve not worn yet, or for a while, is often because it’s too big in the waist, or hits in the middle of my thighs, or pulls across the hips (apparently, the fashion name for this is ‘drag lines’?) It’s definitely food for thought; perhaps I should be pickier about fit in my shopping experience, even with the $5 “oh it doesn’t matter!” goodies?

All that said, here’s today: dress, Old Navy sweater, Hue tights, DSW boots, anthro earrings

Case in point, this Tulle dress. Again, it was a next-to-nothing purchase, and I love the pattern in the cotton and the bright Kelly-green (for a redhead, I wear so little green).  Generally, I’d untie the tie and unbutton the shirtdress (it’s sleeveless) for more of a v-neck shape, but I thought I’d push myself out of my comfort zone and try a full-button-up (let’s think of it as an Emma Pillsbury homage.)

and suddenly, my fit problem feels clearer.

This sweater is – I kid you not – decades old. My mom bought it for me in (wait for it, wait for it) the eighth grade. (Yes). I’ve kept it all this time because  it does tend to make a once-or-twice-every season comeback – but seeing it on me now, I remember my frustration with it.  (Specifically; the v-neck is too shallow to properly balance out my hips, and it’s an awkward length, cutting me off where I’m widest without emphasizing my waist.)

Let me be clear: I’m pretty happy with this outfit and I feel warm and sophisticated today – it’s not that I’m upset, or disappointed, or feeling unattractive. But hopefully I’ll be able to find time today to summarize this week (and last), because as I dig through my “wear this!” pile, I’m finding my actual day-to-day dressing needs get clearer and clearer. (And we haven’t even gotten to the things I love that I’m now ten pounds too curvy for, or the special occasion dresses, or anything for summer . . . guys, this year is already turning out more informative than I ever expected.)


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