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March 14, 2011 / Danielle

Day 58

Guys – this might be my favorite outfit that I’ve thrown together so far. And it is, as well, something I would have never put together if this project hadn’t forced this ingenuity:

Head-to-toe anthro, UO flats

This is actually a dress – I bought it for my 25th birthday (and you’ll see more of it in full, rather than layered, at some point I”m sure) – but its favorite feature, for me, has always been the thickly pouffy skirt in (what is clearly becoming one of my favorite shades) a not-quite-purple-not-quite-gray-not-quite-plum/blue/navy/charcoal/etc.

striped T, corset dress, over-long-need-trimming bangs

There’s something I really really liked about all of these not-the-same-but-similar-and-complimentary shades jumbled together?

I meant to pair this with navy tights, and brown boots – but I’d spent the morning laundering the tights, and they still weren’t dry, and suddenly I thought:

zipping-by-tights (still on pair one!), UO flats

And so we find five attributes that define one of my new favorite outfits:

  • Complimentary, deep, rich colors
  • A cinched waist and a pouffey skirt
  • Breton stripes
  • Patent ballet flats
  • (the most fun) a whimsical pairing (in this case, stripes on stripes)

Yes, I thought about that long enough that I was to break that all down for you. And I’m going to have a graduate degree. Don’t judge. (Well, not too harshly anyway.)


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