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March 14, 2011 / Danielle

Day 59

Today I woke up late (and shook my fist at the sky about daylight savings), and of course, nothing I put on worked/felt comfortable/was warm enough/was cool enough as I scrambled through my room trying to get my act together. I always hate getting dressed when I don’t have a plan, and it’s even worse when there’s no time; it makes me crabby. And after yesterday’s outfit, which I loved so much, little else was going to compare . . . so I threw on this and called it done:

anthro skirt/shirt/cardigan/headband, Target tights, UO flats

Of course after my third-strikeout ensemble, I just reached for the handy favorite skirt; and like an old friend, it didn’t let me down.

dog trot cardi and closeup for headband

This cardigan flummoxes me; I like it, it’s cozy, it’s cute, but somehow I can’t quite figure out how to wear it. Unlike some of my other pieces, it’s just not something I love on its own, and I keep thinking I need to get rid of it (because it’s certainly something that is hard to wear and as we’re learning, what’s the point of those if you don’t absolutely love them?) – but then suddenly, like today, it’ll come together and it’ll be useful.

In any event, it is on my questionable list – and we’ll see if it gets more useful as the year continues.

And making their blog debut, my long-sought-long-lusted-ballet-pink flats:

Yes, they’re just the same as my oatmeal gray ones. Yes, that’s probably very silly of me – but I loved these first, and threw in the gray as a useful afterthough (which, let’s admit, they’ve absolutely proven to be.)  I feel like these pink ones will get their due in the summer time, though; there’s something so fantastic about neutral shoes in the sun, lengthening your legs and matching all of your fantastic print dresses . . .

And ballet pink ballet flats, I mean, come on. (And patent!)


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