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March 16, 2011 / Danielle

Day 61

With a refreshed sigh (getting all that grouchyness off my chest felt good, y’all), here’s today’s ensemble:

anthro dress/blouse/belt, Charlotte Russe tights, Rampage boots

This feels much better.

I realize I’m participating, sort of, in my own 30-for-30 type experience while I work off some of this holiday chub ( . . .  hmm, probably those blue cheese fries/that Oreo ice cream is not helping?). Today’s high of 59 (!!!) degrees lent itself towards no sweater, and I was sure as hell gonna embrace that.

I just really love this blouse. It was more than I wanted to spend (I picked it up at first-cut-sale, but it’s still silk), but it’s felt really worth it, as it’s not like anything else I own. The colors are some of my favorites, and it is proving, happily, more versatile than I expected.

I am long, long overdue to get some laundry done and to tidy up the messy room/get rid of the clothing-mountains that have accumulated since I got back from vacation – so here’s hoping that’ll help me do better wardrobe-wise. Moving on!

(I also think I miiiiiiiight just be getting rid of some things – stay. tuned.)


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